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Westerfield Womens Institute

PRESIDENT: Mrs Janet Phillimore   SECRETARY: Mrs Lynda May

The W.I. meets at 7.30pm in Westerfield Village Hall on the second Thursday of the month. There are also two craft groups who meet regularly. We have speakers on a wide variety of subjects as well as the opportunity to take part in events and activities organised by Suffolk East Federation of WI’s. Currently we have 37 members; however we would always welcome new members or visitors. If you would like to give it a try please contact Janet Phillimore Tel: 01473-415749 or Tel: Lynda May 01473-415020


  • 10 Jan. Stephen Hope - My Year in the Falklands. Competition: Received Christmas Card.
  • 14 Feb. Sonia Burrows - Summer Flowers. Competition: Necklace made of sweets.
  • 14 Mar. David Lilley - The Hervey Women - Ickworth. Competition: Paperweight
  • 11 Apr. Tina Oldfield - Trek for Life. Competition: Item letter C.
  • 09 May. Birthday Party. Competition: Noveltyy Egg Cup.
  • 13 Jun. David Phelan - History of St Audrey's. Competition: A Cross-Stitch Item.
  • 11 Jul. Eric Punaks - Banjo Patterson. Competition: Ring Holder.
  • 12 Sep. Laurie Wiseman - A Year in the life of a beehive. Competition: A small ’’6’’vase with 1 Flower.
  • 10 Oct. Magdelaine Snowden - Hats and the art of flower making. Competition: Holiday Tea Toswel.
  • 14 Nov. Annual Meeting. Competition: Christmas table decoration.
  • 12 Dec. Christmas Party