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You can find out everything you need to know about the village of Westerfield right here, you can find out more about the community, history of the village, and useful services.
The parish of Westerfield now lies wholly within the District Council boundaries of Suffolk Coastal.

The village extends over an area of 1.8 miles North to South and 1.3 miles West to East. The largest land use is for agriculture while residential use occupies the remainder. There are two small areas of commercial use at the North and South of the village.

The main centre of population is located around the crossroads of the B1077 Ipswich to Debenham road with Church Lane to the East and Lower Road to the West. From this point the centre of Ipswich, the County Town is only 2 miles away. There are two other clusters of population both located approximately 500 metres away from the main centre, one around the Station and Level Crossing on the B1077 just outside the Ipswich Borough boundary, and the other to the West along Lower Road. Other properties are scattered among the rural fringes of the village to the North and East.

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