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Parish Plan

During the course of the year the Parish Council produce and distribute to every household newsletters. Below you will find the most recently produced newsletter that was distributed in August 2017.

From the Parish Council Chairman
This newsletter gives details of the Church Fete. St Mary Magdalene Church is a historic building but in common with many heritage assets demands constant attention and repair to maintain its’ structure and usability. The area of the paddock and the pond, which has recently been cleaned and fenced, are the responsibility of the Church and have to be maintained as a safe and attractive part of our community life. The fete gives an opportunity for the community to have a fun day as well as raising money for church funds and the costs of maintaining these assets for the benefit of the village.

Ipswich Garden Suburb
Planning applications for the for the Henley Gate Site and Fonnereau Village site are still under consideration by Ipswich Borough Council with much concern about how the extra traffic can be dealt with. Politicians have been claiming that extra east/west traffic capacity can be made possible by either the second bridge over the Orwell or a Northern By-Pass but there does not appear to be much progress towards a solution.

Suffolk Coastal DC Local Plan
The local plan was confirmed last year and included a table showing where new homes were to be expected in the period up to 2027. Two sites were identified in Westerfield suitable for development. The local plan was expected to be the guide upon which future planning permissions would be granted. The value of such documents is now in doubt as although the District Council refused an application at The Mount in Church Lane for five new dwellings this has now been allowed after appeal to the Secretary of State

Suffolk Coastal/Waveney Merger.
Our District Council is now working as “East Suffolk” although the new council will not be fully functional until 2019 when Councillors will be elected to the new authority.

Village Defibrillator
A defibrillator has been purchased by the Parish Council to be accessible at times of emergency in the village. It will be located on the wall of the village hall for use by residents and participants in village activities. Access to the unit will be by an access code that will be held by the emergency services so with a phone call it can be used by anyone under direction until a paramedic arrives. Thanks to the trustees of the Village hall for agreeing to this location. The hope is that we will not need to use it but it will be there if required

Anti-Social Behaviour
Some Westerfield residents have recently expressed concern over incidents in the village. The Safer Neighbourhood Team have replied that the appropriate course of action is for the person directly involved to contact the police.

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that causes harm to an individual, community or to their environment. The activity may leave you feeling alarmed, harassed or distressed. It may also cause fear of crime or concern for public safety, public disorder or public nuisance.

If you experience problems with anti-social behaviour, or other community safety issues, you should call the non-emergency number, 101. In an emergency, call 999

Footpath crossing over railway.
The proposal to close the at-grade footpath level crossing where Fonnereau Way crosses the railway has been withdrawn by Network Rail. A bridge for this footpath over the railway is planned as part of the Ipswich Garden Suburb and the Country Park.

Thanks to those who have volunteered to join the Speedwatch team. Training has taken place and we look forward to being able to make best use of the kit in future months.

B1077 Level Crossing Road Closures
Network Rail will be closing the crossing to all traffic from 23.00 on Friday 28th July till 05.00 on Tuesday 8th August. Overnight closures are also scheduledfor 12/13 August, 13/14 August and 16/17 September. The closure notice states there will be no traffic or pedestrian access through the crossing. The Parish Council has been seeking to find out how rail passengers will be able to get to the appropriate platform for their journeys but Network Rail and Greater Anglia have been unwilling to commit that access will be available So please check before your journey.

East Anglia One Windfarm Work has now started on the 37km route from Bawdsey to Bramford to connect power from the North Sea windfarm to the National Grid. Signs warning of construction traffic and the fencing of the route are already evident. A temporary haul road is being constructed along the whole length of the route. Highways work at accesses to the site should be completed by the August but construction traffic will continue for some considerable time.

Ducts will be laid through the countryside along the whole route and after completion Cables will then be pulled through in 2km sections and joined together at specific locations.

This windfarm should provide the electricity demands for up to 500,000 homes and should be operational by the end of 2020 Sufficient Ducts are being laid at the same time for a further windfarm, East Anglia Three that will follow this current development.

Gardening Club
Thanks to Andrew and Monica Ford for hosting theSummer BBQ in their garden. The weigh-in for the potato competition was the highlight and resulted in the winner being Lesley Barnes with 53oz (1.5kg) from just one seed potato! What is the secret -we would all like to know!

The December issue will list Carol Services and other Christmas activities together with full details of the Scouts initiative for Christmas Card deliveries in the local IP areas.

Peter Miller, Chairman,
Email PMiller357@aol.com