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Parish Plan

During the course of the year the Parish Council produce and distribute to every household newsletters. Below you will find the most recently produced newsletter that was distributed in December 2017.

From the Parish Council Chairman
This newsletter gives details of the Scouts Christmas Post which is helpful for sending local greetings, and also raises funds for our young peoples’ activities. It also gives details of Christmas services at Westerfield Church and Tuddenham Church.

Looking back, we had an enjoyable Church Fete with good summer weather and over £2377 was raised for Church Funds. These are used to maintain St Mary Magdalene for the benefit of the whole village. Thanks to all who worked hard before and on the day.

A Village Welcome Pack is jointly produced by the Parish Council and Parochial Church Council. If you have moved into the village and have not yet received a copy please contact the Chairman with your address so that one arrives through your door. The Pack includes information about the village, what goes on, and who to contact for the various activities.

Ipswich BC Local Plan and Suffolk Coastal DC Local Plan
Both Local Plans are being reviewed to the period up to 2036 and the first consultation documents published. Part One is common to both plans and relates to Strategic cross-boundary Issues particularly affecting the “Greater Ipswich” area such as Housing Growth, Development and Infrastructure. Part 2 of each document discusses the issues and options of how to proceed within each individual local authority and which sites, if any, should be considered for further housing. A special Parish Council Meeting was held to discuss this consultation and several villagers attended to find out more and express their views. The Parish Council have responded to this consultation with views on the whole document stressing that the vision for the future of the village is to retain its identity and rural character with independence and physical separation from neighbouring communities. Future growth should only be allowed in line with its current size and facilities while residents do not want to see a significant increase in size above what is already allocated in the current Local Plan. It should be possible for villagers to walk safely the short distance from their homes to the centre of the village to use its services without fear of being hit by passing traffic as currently applies where no pavements exist. A copy of the response made to Suffolk Coastal DC on this Issues and Options Document is posted on the Parish Council Web-site. www.westerfield.onesuffolk.net

Broadband Speeds in Westerfield
In April the programme for better broadband speeds was given as September 2017 and when the cabinet was installed near Mill Farm hopes rose. However, Openreach have had to re-plan coverage of Westerfield, as they were unable to feed the optical fibre cable through the existing duct under the railway line as planned.  The new plan involves bringing the fibre cable in along Henley Road and Lower Road from the Castle Hill area of Ipswich so this will take longer. The revised timescale is for the work to be completed by Spring next year although it is hoped that it will be sooner.

The revision to the original plan also means that Openreach will provide additional “cabinets” for Westerfield which will give improved broadband speeds for all parts of the village.

Defibrillator in Westerfield
The defibrillator is now in place at the front of the Village Hall. Should an emergency arise the call to 999 will result in the Emergency Services givIng a code to open the yellow box gaining access to the defibrillator. Emergency services will tell you what to do. Once opened the defibrillator has a message that will give spoken instructions about how to use the machine until a paramedic arrives. An example of a defibrillator in use can be seen on YouTube by clicking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g88dmDWZSec

There may be some local interest in a First Aid CPR Training Course- if this applies to you please let us know.

East Anglia One - Footpath Diversions
The footpath eastwards from Beestons Farm towards Witnesham and from Beestons Farm northwards towards Henley will both be diverted for about two weeks where they cross the route of the new cable ducts. Short local diversions will be signposted as from December 18th.

Suffolk Coastal/Waveney Merger.
This moved a step closer in November by gaining the backing of the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government. He confirmed that he is ‘minded to’ support the proposals of Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils to create a new single authority for the area but before he takes his final decision there will be a period of time, until 8 January 2018 for any further suggested modifications to the proposals. Our District Council is already jointly working as “East Suffolk” but the new Council will not be fully functional until 2019 when elections are held for Councillors to be elected to the new authority.

Flying Scotsman at Westerfield
It has been a long time since Westerfield Station has seen a crowd like the one that thronged to see the Flying Scotsman on its visit in early November. Were you there?

Finally, the Parish Council wish you a very Happy Christmas and if there is a very cold spell and you, or a neighbour, needs help please let someone know. Help is available.

Peter Miller, Chairman,
Email PMiller357@aol.com


Christmas cards are beng collected by The 1st Westerfield Scout Group for delivery in the IP1-IP5 areas of Ipswich and in Kesgrave, Rushmere, Martlesham Heath, Felixstowe, Playford, Barham, Henley, Tuddenham St. Martin, Witnesham and Westerfield.

Each card will cost 25p of which Westerfield Scouts will receive half the money for every card collected with the other half going to the scout group that actually delivers the card. The money should be put into a seperate sealed envelope/bag and placed in the collection box along with the cards.

Collection boxes are located at The Swan, The Railway, and Christchurch Veterinary Surgery Dec 12th the last collection day.

Westerfield Events Group Fish and Chip Lunch
at 12.00 noon on Wednesday 14th February 2018
All welcome but pre-booking essential Anne 256991, Linda 211015, Olive 212316 or Val 251624

Bridget Collett Educational Foundation
offers grants to families in need; helping primary and secondary children to take advantage of opportunities not provided by the state system. Grants are also offered to students attending university or colleges offering formal instruction and qualifications. Grants are generally limited to those resident or attending maintained schools in the villages of Westerfield, Tuddenham, Witnesham, Henley and Akenham. Grants vary with the age of young people and is fixed in the autumn for the following academic year. Application forms can be obtained from:- The Trustees, Bridget Collett, Hill Farm, Fynn Lane, Tuddenham St Martin. Ipswich IP6 9DB or from www.bridgetcollett.org.uk