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During the course of the year the Parish Council produce and distribute to every household newsletters. Below you will find the most recently produced newsletter that was distributed in April 2018.

From the Parish Council Chairman
This newsletter is timed to give details of the of the Easter Services at Westerfield Church and also to gain support for the “Village Litter Pick”. It is noiceable when travelling around how much litter there is and we can all help to take a pride in our village by keeping it clean. Thanks to Yvonne for making all the arrangements with the District Council for getting equipment. So please support her and have a really good clean up.

Garden Waste Brown Bins supplied by Suffolk Coastal will not be emptied after 30th April. After that date Garden Waste will be collected from Green Bins for wich a £43 annual payment is required in advance. The scheme is optional, with the first paid-for collections due to start from the beginning of May 2018. There is a special offer and if you subscribe to the scheme before 22nd April you will receive a 240 litre green bin in place of your 140 litre brown bin. If you want a new green bin but miss this date the next delivery date will be in the Autumn and no green waste collections will be made during the summer. Visit www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk to sign up to the new Garden Waste Collection Scheme provided by Suffolk Coastal District Council and follow the links to SCDC Garden Waste Scheme or call Customer Services on 01394 383789. You can place your order now and don't forget to say 'YES ' to the upgrade.

Westerfield Defibrillator – Having provided the Defibrillator at the Village Hall there have been comments made by those in the village and by Hall users that they would not know what to do if it was necessary to use it.

The Parish Council have engaged MJ training to give a demonstration and guidance evening so that more people are aware of what to do in an emergency. Anyone is invited to come and appreciate not only what a benefit the machine can be but also to understand how it would be used in an emergency.

Broadband. In the last newsletter there were hopes that Better Broadband would be available for Westerfield in the Spring of 2018. The fibre cable is now in the village and the BT box near Mill Farm has been connected. Suffolk Better Broadband have confirmed that this cabinet has been fully commissioned and is “Customer Ready for service”. It will now be up to the various internet service providers to add this to their available packages for residents. The next stage will see the connection of the BT box at the cross-roads which is expected to be completed in the next few months. Further boxes are then being planned for Lower Road and on the B1077 at the North end of the village but not date has yet been notified.

Broadband Speeds – In order to understand download speeds currently achieved in the village a simple survey is in progress. If you could participate please contact Phil at ww.westerfieldbroadband@gmail.com and you will receive details of the simple information required.

Mobile Police Station – Suffolk Constabulary are planning to be present at the Village Hall from 10.00 till 11.30am on the following Wednesdays - 2nd May 13th June and 25th July after which they will evaluate whether this service is valued by the village.

Speedwatch – Following an enforced break due to cold weather, speed checks are again in progress within the village. Thanks to our team of volunteers for making time available each month to use the kit we have available. Further details from Barry Reeve on 01473 251843.

Planning. Many residents attended recent Parish Council meetings when details of two planning applications were discussed. The applications for 22 dwellings on land east of Westerfield Road near Old Glebe House has been withdrawn by the developer and the application for 5 dwellings in St Mary's Way has been refused by Suffolk Coastal DC. Further notices have been displayed in the village by Ipswich BC concerning the Henley Gate section of the Ipswich Garden Suburb. These refer to a planning application to which responses have already been made but give further details of the effect on air quality.

1st Westerfield Scouts thank those who hosted a post box or used the Christmas Post in December. Westerfield Scouts collected over 3800 cards and delivered over 1200 and in doing so raised over £600 for scout funds.

Annual Parish Meeting. I hope to see you at our Parish Meeting on 25th April. After our usual reports the Parish Council are preparing a powerpoint presentation of the background to some of the issues that affect us locally or are going on around us. You may have views that will lead to discussion .

Suffolk Walking Festival - 12th May - 3rd June 2018. There is a varied programme of over 100 themed walks across the county ranging in length from a gentle stroll of one mile, to a challenging 60 miles over 4 days! They take place along Suffolk's glorious coast, through scenic, gently undulating countryside and around our medieval towns and villages. To view the walks programme visit the website www.suffolkwalkingfestival.co.uk

Peter Miller, Chairman,
Email PMiller357@aol.com