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Parish Council Meetings

One of the ways to keep in touch with the Parish Council’s progress and to air your own thoughts and ideas is to attend the Parish Council meetings (dates are below). The format of the meetings has changed and now the first 15 -30 minutes of the meeting are ‘open’ discussion where members of the public can ask questions, raise issues, pass on ideas and discuss items of interest. This enables people to pop in and pass on their thoughts if they are unable to attend the full meeting. Feedback from the District Councillors and Community Police Officer are also received at the beginning of the meetings. Agenda and minutes are available for all to see so that you feel part of the meeting. It also means that when the formal meeting takes place, your views have been heard and the formal proceedings can move quite swiftly.

Meetings take place in the CHURCH ROOM at 7.30pm. Documents can be inspected from 7.15pm.

The Parish Council now has a dedicated website so parishioners can easily access Parish Council Meeting Dates, Agendas and the Minutes from previous meetings showing any decisions that have been made.
Click Here for the Parish Council Website

If you have just moved into the village or know someone who has, please give Peter a call and he will be happy to "fill you in" on village information.

e.mails:If you wish to receive updates as they arrive please forward your Email details to pmiller357@aol.com