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Parish Plan

The Parish Plan

Nov 2003 At a well-attended public meeting Suffolk Acre inspired the newly-elected Westerfield Parish Council to participate in the production of a Parish Plan to reflect the local Community’s needs and desires for their environment. A Steering Group of volunteers was established and the Parish Plan was under way.

Jul 2004 An Open Day was held in the Village Hall (attended by over 80 people) to identify issues to address in Parish Plan.

Nov 2004 A questionnaire was distributed to every household (182 in total). Feedback from the Open Day was used to tailor the questionnaire.

Dec 2004 161 questionnaires were completed and returned. All responses were then manually entered in Village Appraisal software for analysis. The results of the survey and actions arising are detailed in the Parish Plan

May 2005 An Open Day was held in the Village Hall to present the Draft Parish Plan Report. This day was arranged to allow residents the opportunity to influence the final document. One of the key items in the Parish Plan is the Action Plan.

The Action Plan contains a list of actions based on the community consultation exercises and analysis of the questionnaire responses.

The Parish Council formally adopted the Plan in July 2005. All residents should have a copy of the plan. New residents should contact Barry Reeve (01473 251843) for a copy.

The Action Plan is a long-term plan (up to 10 years). Many improvements have been identified and they cannot all be done at once, so actions will be prioritised depending on urgency and cost.

  • High – target is to complete within 1 year
  • Medium - target is to complete within 3 years
  • Low - may take more than 3 years to complete
Lead responsibilities and partners have been identified for each action. Owners include: -

  • The Parish Council
  • A Traffic and Safety Group
  • An Environmental Action Group
  • A Village Events Committee
  • Individuals
Residents are encouraged to get involved in an action they feel strongly about.

The Action Plan will be updated to keep residents informed of any progress (or stumbling blocks!)

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